Aiming For The Google Maps Behemoth, UpNext Releases Vector Mapping iPhone App

Isso não é algo que será desenvolvido no futuro, já está na Apple store. Excepcional.


UpNext, an angel funded New York start-up, makes beautiful maps. Using a number of clever views, the team has built a wildly unique way to navigate your city and, more importantly, see buildings, points of interest, and even public transit in real time.

The company, Raj Advani, Vik Advani, Robin Har, and Danny Moon, have been working in mapping for four years and recently released an iPad version of the app.

“UpNext is dynamic, Google Maps is static,” said Moon. “Google Maps is a navigation-centric map. Its cartography geared toward navigating road networks, relegating other map details to the background.”

“We put special emphasis on making our maps fast, highly stylized, and highly interactive. You can tap on buildings to see the businesses inside; better, you can tap on subway stations to see actual trains moving along the map with estimated arrival times (where the data is available). Making…

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