Uma boa disputa para os fãs de fones como eu, veja quem venceu esta disputa “Bowers & Wilkins P3” Vs “Beats By Dr. Dre Solo”


Two gadgets enter, one leaves. It’s that simple. Welcome to the TC Gadget Review Battle where two competing products are pitted against each other. No wishy-washy conclusion based on an arbitrary numbering system, just a reliable buying recommendation.

Bowers & Wilkins is making a smart play for consumer electronics. The 50-year-old British audio company just released the $200 P3 headphones, joining the $299 over-the-ear P5 and the $179 C5 in-ear headphones. The new set promises much of what the P5 offers for a lot less. It is, in a sense, a headphone for the MP3 crowd. This new set hits a crowded market dominated by several big brands. This includes Beats By Dr. Dre, which also has a very similar $200 set of headphones, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD.

So which one is better? Which one is worth your money? That’s the goal of the TC…

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